F Rotor Press Fit 4130 (BB86/BB89/BB92) C04-020-0
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Rotor Press Fit 4130 (BB86/BB89/BB92)

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You had your choice of any bike in the shop but you made your selection based on potential upgrade options. The Press Fit 4130 will easily accommodate your handpicked rig with its press fit, 41mm diameter with 30mm axle BB shell. ROTOR conceived its Universal Bottom Bracket (UBB) concept to eliminate the complicated bottom bracket/crank compatibility challenge that has increasingly frustrated the mechanics at your LBS. The Press Fit 4130 is the "yes" component to "Is this compatible with my press fit 41mm diameter BB shell for a 30mm axle?"


PF4130 ceramic gold - 75g

PF4130 steel black - 77g


- Designed to work with BB86, BB89 and BB92 bottom brackets

- Dual track bearings

- Machined outside bearing - Double seal


Podziel się opinią po zakupach i odbierz do 5% dodatkowego rabatu !