Cycling shoes should fit perfectly. The manufacturer of SIDI pays special attention to the fact that their shoes are solid and durable. The use of solid and durable materials gives us confidence that the shoes will retain their properties and will serve us for a long time. Good positioning of the foot in the footwear, comfort and thus driving comfort are the priorities of the SIDI brand. The optimally selected SIDI shoe size ensures ergonomic driving and proper power transfer from the foot to the pedal. It also allows us to minimize the risk of injury. With a correctly selected size, we can be sure that we use the technology developed by SIDI to the maximum. To verify the size, wear shoes and stand with your heels raised. If there is any slack between the back of the shoe and the heel, the shoes are too large. At the same time, there should be some free space around the toes. If your toes touch the front of the shoe and you can't move your toes freely, the shoe is too small.

Sidi Mega

The Sidi Road MEGA and Sidi MTB MEGA cycling shoes were created for cyclists with wider feet. The midfoot part is wider than the standard one by 4mm. The space for the heel has also been enlarged. The SIDI MEGA shoes are also easier to put on. The solution is recommended for cyclists who use insoles with a larger volume, and not necessarily with a wider foot.

Sidi Woman

The Sidi Road and Sidi MTB WOMAN women's cycling shoes guarantee a better fit of the foot with a smaller volume. They have a higher heel and ankle, thanks to which they provide better stabilization. The offer for women includes shoes distinguished by a more subtle design as well as standard models.

Fitting systems

To ensure a perfect fit for each foot, SIDI offers innovative, adjustable fit systems for personalization. SIDI Adjustable Heel Retention Device stiffens the back, so the shoe does not move during intense training. This mechanism is equipped with reflective elements to improve safety on the route. The SIDI Caliper Buckle system is a micrometric shoe fastening system. The SIDI Tecno-II system enables micrometric corrections in the force with which the shoe stabilizes the foot. The SIDI Soft Instep system, on the other hand, improves the comfort and ergonomics of use by evenly distributing the pressure of the buckle around the instep.

SIDI cycling shoe size chart

To choose the size of Sidi shoes, you should measure your own feet. Please do not measure insoles from other shoes or compare with other manufacturers of cycling shoes because Sidi has a different size and differently designed interior of the shoes.

1. Put a sheet of paper on the ground, putting its short edge against the wall or other vertical surface,

2. Place your bare feet on a piece of paper so that your heels are against the wall,

3.Mark the point where the longest finger (s) ends

4. Measure the distance between the edge of the sheet of paper that touches the wall and the marked place. Record the result by rounding up. You may find that the left and right feet differ slightly in length. Always measure both feet and record the result of the longer one. If the measured distance is between two shoe sizes, we suggest selecting the larger one.

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