Dear readers and customers of our store, we are pleased to present you a new, refreshed version of our website. We have adapted it to all expectations, so you can use it easily and intuitively. We have introduced a number of innovative changes that are visible at first glance. They include, among others refreshed graphic design that is more eye-friendly. We have also created a new, aesthetic logo that better identifies with our brand.

The site has undergone not only a visual but also a technical metamorphosis, thanks to which the site works much faster than the previous version. Our website is fully responsive and smoothly adapts to any screen resolution. It looks good both in the phone's browser, on a tablet, and on a large computer screen. Navigating our side, even on the screen of a smartphone, is easy and fun.

For your convenience and comfort, we have also launched a life chat, where you can quickly and conveniently get technical support. Our employees will respond to messages during the store's working hours. On other dates, it is possible to leave messages offline and we will reply to them as soon as possible.

 We have also introduced optimized access to information under a given article, incl. to the size of the product. A new functionality is also the possibility of receiving an e-mail notification about the availability of the article.

A clear and transparent layout of the website makes it easier to familiarize yourself with the offer of our store and search for specific articles. Under each product there is a detailed description with information about it (including parameters, opinions). New possibilities offered by our website will ensure greater shopping comfort. We hope you will like the new website.

We also invite you to visit our blog (blog tab), where we will regularly post and share helpful knowledge. There will be articles with a lot of useful information on sports equipment, but also other interesting suggestions, e.g. bicycle routes. During the holiday season, we will additionally post an article with bicycle events for a given month once a month.

We are convinced that the articles posted on the blog will provide you with a lot of inspiration and will prove to be a treasure trove of knowledge.

We invite you to visit our website and blog frequently and we wish you successful shopping and reading.

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