Rotor 3D+ CX1 110

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Your bike is more than just a tool for training; it's an accessory to your lifestyle. You've engineered your life to accommodate your riding, it seems reasonabe to expect the same of your bike components. The 3D+ 110 is a work of engineering founded upon the principles of lightweight and rigid. Crank arms CNC-machined in Spain from aeronautic-grade 7055 aluminum are combined with proprietary technologies to yield cranks with an exceptional stiffness to weight ratio that can handle the dizzying wattage that you'll stomp out on the 3D+. Together with ROTOR's Universal Bottom Bracket (UBB) system, the 3D+ compact crank offers a performance upgrade opportunity for almost all bikes on the market.  

Weight: 172.5mm length 110 BCD 480g - 110 MAS 504g - 130 MAS 528g - RD3 512g

Sizes: 155/160/165/170/172.5/175/177.5/180mm


- Spider: 110 BCD - MAS 110/130 BCD - 130/74BCD RD3

- Spindle: 30mm aluminum alloy

- Q-Factor: 148 mm - RD3 158,5mm

- Chainline: 43.5mm - RD3 45,5mm

- Material: aluminum alloy 7055 100% CNC-machined

- Compatibility: Bottom bracket BSA, ITA, BB86, BB30, BB30A, PF30, BBRight, BB386 Evo, Oval and round chainrings, 110/130 BCD, 9,10 and 11 Speed