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At the beginning of the 1960s, with the advancement of technology, bicycles became more complicated and thus more difficult to repair. It was then that the brake calipers or the gear shifting system - derailleurs appeared for the first time. Repairing the bicycle required the use of special bicycle tools. The founders of the Park Tool brand developed their own bicycle tools in their home workshop using materials they could find in their workshop. Thus, they made it possible to repair the bike on their own. One of their first innovations was a bicycle rack. For its construction, they used the legs from the dining table, the housing and the axle of a Ford truck. Shortly thereafter, they were asked to create a production model of a bicycle repair stand. This is how the Park Tool brand was created.

Park Tool bicycle racks have quickly become a hit in the bicycle industry. The company, by expanding its offer with new repair stands and bicycle tools, such as a set of bicycle keys, quickly gained the position of the market leader. From the day the first Park Tool bicycle rack was created, to the present day the company has built hundreds of thousands of additional bicycle racks and produced millions of bicycle tools. Today, more than 400 different Tool Park products are sold to bicycle stores around the world.

Park Tool is guided by a simple principle: Build the best tools. The characteristic blue color has become a benchmark of quality and an icon appreciated by both amateurs, home DIY enthusiasts and professional workshops.

Among the products for cyclists and bicycle workshops available in our store, Park Tool accessories could not be missing. The bicycle tools of this American manufacturer have been among the most frequently chosen ones for years, mainly due to their ease of use and the wide range of products guaranteed by this company. Both individual devices and their entire sets, which you will find in our offer, guarantee professional and complete maintenance of your bicycle - regardless of its type.

In our offer you will find a large selection of various bicycle tools as well as Park Tool repair materials. Among them there are cone wrenches, hex wrenches and screwdrivers - both cross and flat. There are also patches for tubes and assembly lubricants among them. In addition to the usual devices, the manufacturer's offer also includes other accessories, such as bottle openers or hooks for hanging a bicycle.

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