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Thermal comfort is one of the most important things that we pay attention to when practicing outdoor sports - whether it is cycling, skiing, or an ordinary afternoon walk. Most importantly, very good underwear, made of high-quality fibers, which, above all, is to fulfill specific functions, works perfectly both in summer and winter. For this reason, we can distinguish several types of underwear on the market. These are: thermoactive underwear, thermal underwear, as well as technical clothing which is one of several layers of sports clothing. In the Sportpoint store you will find ODLO technical clothing, as well as a wide selection of the iconic X-BIONIC underwear. You don't know how to choose the perfect set of sportswear for winter? We advise!

Thermoactive underwear and thermal underwear - differences

When looking for the right underwear for the winter, it is worth knowing the difference between the two types of clothing on the market. Thermoactive underwear is not the same as thermal underwear. Their design differs due to the function it is to fulfill. It is also worth noting that not all thermoactive underwear will fulfill the same function in different conditions. Thermoactive underwear can be worn both in winter and summer, but in both cases the thickness of the fibers will be different, so that during physical activity it is best to work with our body. What connects thermoactive underwear with thermal underwear is their relation to heat, but they differ in virtually everything.

Thermal underwear for everyday use

Thermal underwear is responsible for maintaining the highest thermal comfort. It has an insulating function - it prevents heat loss and at the same time protects the body against external factors. Due to its properties, thermal underwear is characterized by a low level of breathability - the sweat secreted by the body in order to equalize the temperature of the body is not discharged outside the material. Large accumulation of moisture leads to the material becoming damp. Heavier fibers also do not dry out so quickly, so when using thermal underwear, we may risk cooling down. Thermal underwear works great as a layer of insulation during everyday activities, walks, always when we do not perform excessive physical activity. It will then provide high thermal comfort. They are also perfect clothes after training .

Thermoactive underwear for active people

Thermoactive underwear is a more advanced technology that performs two functions - it maintains a relatively high thermal comfort while thermoregulation - draining moisture outside the material, protecting against external weather conditions (gusts of winds or sharp UV rays). Thermoactive underwear works only when it fits tightly to the body like a second skin. The point is not to make the garments too tight, but tight-fitting. Thanks to this, it is able to catch sweat droplets immediately and transport them outside the fabric. Thermoactive underwear is perfect as the first layer of clothing, intended for active people. Perfect for sports. In the X-Bionic offer you will find several types of thermo-active underwear tailored to specific seasons of the year. When looking for thermo-active underwear for the winter, choose warm underwear, made of thicker fibers, or medium, which works perfectly in low and medium temperatures. Thermoactive underwear light is the perfect summer clothing that will support you during your holiday activities .

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