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In our online store we have gathered the leading models of ski helmets. Among them POC ski helmets and UVEX equipped with an additional guard for even greater safety during snow skiing. We do not have to convince anyone who has witnessed a ski crash at least once or who felt unsteady ground under the skis during a fast descent about caring for safety on the slope. We offer only high-quality, certified and technologically advanced helmets, thanks to which safety will become a standard, and you will be able to fully indulge in the pleasure of driving.

POC ski helmets with guard

Our shop offers POC ski helmets with a guard, thanks to which your safety while practicing many skiing disciplines is much greater. The Garda allows you to protect the front part of the face and jaw, which is an invaluable protection for slalom or freeride skating. Helmets with a guard are perfect for beginner skiers. The POC ski helmets offered in our assortment are height adjustable, foldable during a fall and disassembly.

How to choose a ski helmet?

Ski helmets, in order to be able to fulfill their functions, ie not only stand out on the slope in the coming season, but above all protect skiers while skiing, must be properly selected. Start fitting your ski helmet by carefully measuring the circumference of your head about 1 cm above the browline. The result corresponds to the size of the helmet of the manufacturer. In our online store, after choosing the model you are interested in, select the helmet size - given in the standard formula, e.g. M-L (55-58).

After measuring the circumference of the head, it is worth assuming the result is 0.5-1cm larger. Thanks to this, we will ensure greater comfort when wearing. A very tight-fitting helmet, when staying on the slope for a long time, can lead to a feeling of pressure. Discouraged by the lack of comfort, we can give up wearing protection on the head, but the consequences of such actions may have a negative impact on our life and health.

After choosing the right helmet, it is worth choosing the model whose profiling will be the most comfortable for us. After putting on the helmet and fastening it with a buckle below the chin, so that it does not cause pressure. Move your head in different directions - while moving, the helmet should fit tightly to the head, should not move, rotate in a different direction, fall on the forehead or neck. Also an important element when choosing a helmet is the sheer comfort of wearing - the softness of internal sponges and fillers.

If you have full ski or snowboard equipment, when choosing a helmet remember to match it with the rest of your equipment. The key will be a compatible selection of the assortment, e.g. to the ski goggles you have. The width of the goggle strap should be no wider than the clasp on the back of the helmet, and the gap should be with the goggle frame and the bottom edge of the helmet's forehead should not be wider than a few millimeters.

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