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Among lovers of two wheels, the period outside the holiday period is associated with greater detraining - shorter days, changing weather conditions effectively lead to a situation where there is no time to conduct training in natural conditions. The transition period, when the weather conditions do not allow you to ride outside, is worth using to maintain your form and condition, as well as to improve your riding technique during indoor indoor cycling sessions or using a trainer at home. Our store offers a wide selection of training equipment, including: bicycle rollers - ideal for endurance training, bicycle trainers with different mechanical resistance, which allows you to train most closely to natural riding conditions. Many rear-wheel lock trainers have a built-in power measurement system, as well as the ability to add resistance to the speed of rotation of the wheel. Our store offers trainers that allow you to simulate climbs with a value of up to 20%!

Another advantage of using the trainers is their availability and mobility - they take up little space, and due to the very quiet mode of operation, we can use them at any time. This equipment can also be a great element of pre-competition training. Thanks to his mobility, we can take him to the start and do a warm-up ride before the longer loop.

Garmin Tacx bike trainer with electric resistance

Our store offers trainers that use an electric motor as a resistance system. The electrical resistance system allows you to perform training based on very advanced parameters. Trainers with an electric system have a built-in system of communication with devices, thanks to which you can not only freely arrange your training plan, but also adjust the difficulty level.

Garmin Tacx Flux S Smart Trainer

The Garmin Tacx Flux trainer is a direct drive resistance model. The stabilization of the rear wheel consists in placing the rear fork hooks directly on the axis of the trainer. The base has a built-in cassette. Thanks to the use of direct drive, we do not lose pedaling power. Due to the mounting system, the Garmin Tacx Flux trainer is not compatible with all bicycle models. What else is worth paying attention to? If you are planning to buy a training trainer, choose the one with high maximum resistance power. For example Garmin Tacx Flux has a maximum resistance of 1500 W, which provides an ideal basis for building fitness at the level of amateur cycling competitions .

Need a professional trainer? In our store we have a wide selection of trainers with a different method of building resistance. Trainer Garmin Tacx Neo 2T Smart is a professional model, the maximum resistance of which reaches 2200W (it allows you to build resistance corresponding to a climb of 25%). Professional riders, belonging to the most recognizable groups in the cycling community, build their condition on this type of trainer.

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