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X-Bionic clothes and thermoactive underwear are top-class products. Advanced technical parameters - incl. two-layer, breathable materials that transport moisture to the outside and protect against heat loss, provide maximum comfort on the slopes. In our offer you will find X-Bionic brand clothes such as: women's and men's long-sleeved T-shirts, long johns, sweatshirts, boxers, caps, headbands, balaclavas, as well as clothes for children. X-Bionic products are recommended not only to skiers and snowboarders, but also cyclists, runners and lovers of other sports.


In order to maintain the maximum effectiveness and efficiency of our body during physical activity, our body temperature should not be higher than 37 degrees Celsius. Only then the body is guaranteed the right conditions for work, and all energy can be used to maximize the result, without unnecessary energy losses for the body to provide the right temperature. Thanks to these conclusions, X-Bionic scientists created thermo-active clothing that ensures that the indicated temperature is maintained. According to many players, the X-Bionic brand offers the best thermoactive clothing that improves sports performance. X-bionic clothing provides us with a high level of thermoregulation, thanks to which we sweat less, do not lose valuable mineral salts and water. By providing the body with adequate hydration during sports, we can fully focus on achieving the intended goal.

X-Bionic- clothing supporting your performance

The X-Bionic brand has been studying the behavior of the human body during intense work since 2002. It analyzes and translates the results, offering high-quality clothing that supports not only athletes, but also active people, the purpose of which is to increase the body's efficiency during activity. The offer of the X-bionic brand includes high-quality thermo-active underwear, which is the first layer of technical clothing, and thermo-active clothing as the second layer of clothing, which provides excellent thermal insulation.

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