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Bicycle rollers -

It has been known for a long time that cycling is no longer a seasonal sport and as soon as weather conditions allow it, we are happy to go on the roads to complete the planned training in natural conditions. When the weather outside is not inviting, however, it is time for indoor training. Although it involves compromises on the equipment (even in the case of spinning bikes), training in such conditions can be very fruitful, mainly it will keep you in shape until spring.

For those who cannot imagine training on equipment other than their own bicycle, we recommend buying a trainer that allows you to train at home. Our store offers a wide selection of training equipment - in the remaining categories we have prepared various models of trainers with the possibility of stabilizing the rear wheel, as well as roller trainers presented in this category.

Bicycle rollers - an alternative to indoor cycling

Bicycle rollers is a group of trainers that primarily allow you to perform endurance training. They allow you to perform long-distance training while maintaining an intense, high cadence . The bicycle rollers are placed on a special rail and do not have any additional elements securing the bicycle frame, so training on roller skates requires concentration and maintaining the correct posture while driving. Thanks to their design, bicycle rollers allow for more natural riding conditions .

We offer Tacx bicycle rollers in two iconic models - Antares and Galaxia. Antares bicycle roller is the basic model of the trainer, which enables a smooth training run, even in very high cadences. Thanks to the profiled roller, it allows for better maintenance of the bicycle while riding. The Galaxia bicycle roller is a higher class among roller trainers. The special design allows you to keep 100% natural driving. The roller allows you to perform strength training, based on intervals - from riding on a flat, through climbing, to sprints. It is possible to ride while standing without fear of falling off the rollers.

Training skates - when should you choose?

This type of trainer is most often chosen by those cyclists who want to improve the condition, endurance and endurance in long-distance riding, while maintaining balance in high cadence. They are perfect for people who ride in a group, and the basis of safety in this case is body balance and the ability to ride in the line. Bicycle skates are ideal if you plan to start in races, prepare you for riding in the peloton, and also allow you to better feel your bike, use your own resistance properly or quickly correct when you lose your balance . < / p>

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