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Ski poles, although often pushed aside when choosing ski equipment, are an important element of equipment - both at the beginning of learning to ride, as well as during the improvement of technique or maintaining balance. Just like trekking poles, ski poles allow you to relieve pressure, making it possible to make turns or derive speed while driving fast. Their simple design only seemingly does not cause problems with the right choice. When choosing ski poles, pay attention to their height and the comfort of the grip. What is most important is their weight. Keeping the poles heavier will weaken our upper body, and will also make our maneuvers lack strength.

Visit our Sportpoint ski shop (Silesia) and seek expert advice, or read our guide how choose the length of the ski poles.

Ski poles

When choosing ski poles, be sure to pay attention to the material they are made of. During the ride, ski poles must withstand heavy loads, they should be reliable and trustworthy. In addition to durability, their flexibility is also important. Manufacturers typically use lightweight components such as aluminum to produce their ski poles (see aluminum poles offer ). In our store's offer you will also find carbon poles (made of carbon fiber), which are characterized by a very low weight and high resistance to damage or scratching.

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