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Bicycle trainers

Professional bicycle trainers available in this category of our store allow you to conduct bicycle training tailored to different needs. We offer high-class sports equipment that meets the highest requirements in terms of stability, failure-free operation, as well as the available types of simulations and modern functions. Below we present Garmin Tacx bike trainers in various variants that allow you to conduct free training, but also more varied using additional multimedia devices.

Select the Garmin Tacx trainer

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of Garmin Tacx trainers, which includes, among others, modern models from the Flux of interactive advanced training equipment or Garmin Neo 2T . It is a simulator for Smart cyclists with Bluetooth and ANT + FE-C communication. The device can be operated via a tablet, smartphone, PC. The trainer also has a standalone mode.

Roller or magnetic trainer

When buying a bike trainer , many cyclists wonder what type to choose: roller trainer or magnetic . The above-mentioned popular types of training devices differ not only in the design or training style, but also in the possibilities of training. Magnetic bike trainer mounts the bike on a special, usually metal frame. Magnets are responsible for the resistance, and a shifter on the handlebar allows you to set the resistance. The construction of such a trainer is stable, and thanks to the built-in chips it is possible to carry out training with full measurement. What is most important is the fact that the trainer with the possibility of mounting the rear wheel allows you to carry out any type of training - from crossover, through strong strength training, to classic endurance rides.

Roller bike trainer consists of three rollers and framework. It does not have additional stabilizing handles, so you need to keep your balance during training, just like when cycling. Roller trainer due to its construction is an excellent equipment for endurance and conditioning training. It is perfect for building form for the next season, and also allows you to train the correct stance in straight riding, thus preparing for group riding.

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