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The German ski equipment manufacturer LEKI has been striving to achieve the highest quality products from the very beginning. Over 250 patents, numerous innovations and the development of new technologies as well as consistency in activities make the brand for many years leading the way in the outdoor and ski industry. LEKI is the absolute leader in the world market of ski poles and gloves.

The Leki brand verifies its products using the experience of the best professional athletes. The brand's priority is to ensure the safety and comfort of using the equipment. At the same time, the LEKI brand ensures that the ski poles and gloves have an attractive and modern design. The result is intelligent and thoughtful products that meet the expectations of users. Design and development takes place in Germany, in the Swabian city of Teck and in Tachov in the Czech Republic. The brand's own production plant is also located in Tachov, where ski poles are produced. The implementation of the most modern production processes and care for materials ensure the highest quality production of sports equipment. The brand also pays attention to ecology and is environmentally friendly.

Like many other pioneering brands in their fields, LEKI was born out of the passion and unsatisfied need of an outstanding man. The founder of the Leki brand was Karl Lenhart - a winter sports enthusiast. Initially, it dealt with woodworking. In 1948 he opened a factory called Karl Lenhart, Plastik + Metall. The entrepreneur also had experience in the construction of aircraft, in the processing of aluminum and composites. Dissatisfied with the construction of ski poles in the first half of the twentieth century, he began to produce their elements on his own. In the 1960s, they were put into mass production, and a decade later, the first alpine poles were created under the name LEKI. Karl Lenhart revolutionized the market by using the materials he came into contact with when building airplanes. For the first time in the world, materials such as aluminum and fiberglass were used to build poles. The innovations that Karl Lenhart developed in the early 1960s are still used today in all ski poles.

The Leki brand, consistently developing and introducing new technologies, has gained and maintained the position of the market leader. It provides ski poles and gloves perfect for both winter sports enthusiasts and professionals. The company is a sponsor of many leading athletes, as well as a supplier for, among others, the German Ski Association and the Swiss Ski Association Swiss-Ski. Equipment, including LEKI ski poles, is chosen by over 90% of Olympians. The quality of the equipment is also confirmed by repeated winning of prestigious awards and distinctions, including ISPO awards, OutDoor Friedrichshafen, and prestigious ski and outdoor magazines.

One of the most important patents of the brand in recent years is the development of the technology of attaching and detaching the glove to the ski poles, i.e. the TRIGGER S system. This system allows for quick attachment to the ski poles and increases the level of safety on the slope. The stick strap integrated with the ski glove allows you to attach and detach the poles with a click even faster and more conveniently. Thanks to this solution, LEKI ski poles do not slip out of the hand while riding, and in the event of a fall on the slope, it will not cause an injury - as in the case of a wrist strap.

Operation of the Leki Trigger S system As standard, ski poles are equipped with straps that are put on the gloves, so it is possible to use this system with gloves from other manufacturers. The Trigger S system allows the glove to be connected to the stick using the patented easy in / easy out fastening mechanism. This system is very convenient and comfortable to use, which is confirmed by the reviews of the users of the mechanism. The revolutionary Trigger S technology has been developed in such a way that the ski poles are automatically released from the gloves under the influence of the force of a fall. The release spring in the handle of the club is responsible for this. This avoids the often severe injury to the wrist, arm or shoulder caused by twisting the arm during a fall with a stick in your hand.

Do you do Alpine Skiing, Freeskiing, Ski roller, Cross-country Skiing, Cross-country, Trekking, Trail Running, Nordic Walking? The Leki brand offers the necessary equipment in these disciplines. The most famous are, of course, poles and ski gloves intended for the above disciplines. However, the offer of LEKI brand equipment and accessories does not end there. The wide range of the brand includes, among others: ski balaclavas, covers for ski poles, covers for skis, boots and helmets, pads, bands, backpacks, bags.

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