Carbon poles - made of carbon fiber

What distinguishes carbon poles from the others is their ultra-light construction and high durability. Carbon poles are used both by skiers, ski-tourers and mountain tourism enthusiasts - both trekking and mountain runs. Durable carbon fiber allows you to maintain a high level of support even in the most demanding terrain.

Carbon poles - light and durable

Traditional models of aluminum ski poles are still often chosen by outdoor enthusiasts. However, also in this field, technological progress is clearly noticeable already at the level of materials used in the production of individual pieces of equipment. These are, among others, ski poles made of high-quality carbon fiber. What distinguishes them from aluminum is lower weight and significantly increased resistance to damage, including bending. High tolerance of temperature variations makes them suitable for extremely difficult conditions.

The lightness of the material will be appreciated by all those who spend many hours in the field, and carbon poles are the basis of their support. The lightweight composite does not burden the hands, so it does not require the use of excessive force to hold it even during intense activity. When navigating the trail with poles, as well as while skiing, we raise our arms many times. At such high intensity we will start to feel a heavy weight as high as 500g.

Leki carbon poles

Our store offers carbon poles of the Leki brand. A reputable manufacturer is very popular among advanced skiers. Comfortable, made of high-quality composite, tailored to the needs of even the most demanding athletes. We offer classic carbon poles with a loop. The adjustable loop allows a tight fit of the hand to the handle. The material in which the handle was made ensures good grip, based on the PA Safety technology.

Leki carbon poles of various diameters and lengths are available in our store, so you can perfectly match them to your needs.

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